jpsdm (jpsdm) wrote,

I can be your china doll (if you wanna see me fall)

title: i can be your china doll (if you wanna see me fall)
pairing: onesided kyumin, seokyu.
rating: PG13.
summary: "when we grew up, nothing was what it seemed."
warning: character death.

His eyes were already red rimmed, "It's okay. I'm happy for you," he had lied. He had scuffed the toes of his white leather shoes as he climbed the stairs. Cell phone cracking under the strength of his grip. "I....I have to go..."

Had it only been a few months prior? He rubbed his tear stained cheeks with the dirtied palms of his hands. A few months ago when he was attached at the hip with him? When they shared cigarettes outside sub stations? Skipping through subway terminals, fast feet from security to touch hands as they stepped on. Money crisp in their pockets, hands still touching.

He stepped out of his shoes, dirtying the bottoms of his cartoon socks. How long ago was it? Summer didn't seem that far away in the past. Months had passed, but days pass fast. The camera's flash still stung from late nights on the lake, feet dipped carefully into the dark waters. Hoping he would take his shirt off, but all hopes fail past six pm. He checked his watch; it was seven now.

It didn't seem that long ago when he first saw them. At their subway terminal, skipping through lines. Her dress was nice, a coral that stopped short of her flawless skin. Legs that went on for miles, and a smile that lit up the night sky. Her hair was long, flowing far past her shoulders. How easy could he be replaced?

"I'm going to marry her. I love Seohyun. I love her, Min." he had murmured, deep voice flowing harshly into his ears, veins, filling him up with a terrible feeling. His porcelain skin cracked as he forced a fake smile. It hadn't been that long ago when he molded their hands together. A friendly gesture that made his cheeks burn.

He shrugged off his jacket, folding it delicately before placing it next to his shoes. His wallet placed upon a envelope, filled with past letters, photos, hopes, and desires that never came true. Red ink scribbled his name, surname and all; To Cho Kyuhyun. His feet found the edge of the cement blocks that lined the building's roof. He rubbed his cheeks one last time, rosy from the chilled wind before he tumbled.

All my dreams and all the lights mean nothing if I can't have you.

a/n: Without You, Lana Del Rey.

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