jpsdm (jpsdm) wrote,

Temporary hearing loss.

title: temporary hearing loss.
pairing: henchul friendship.
rating: PG.
summary: heechul is bothered while eating lunch.
warning: none.

Heechul, alone at lunch, or at least wishing he was alone, enjoyed his small meal, blocking out the sounds of the others in the area. He glanced around, quite annoyed at the people inhabiting his current breathing area. These people, with their obnoxious chatter, bad fashion, and terrible grammar, interrupted his lunch time with their personal problems. He did not care about a boyfriend stealing slut, or that some American football team won a game; he simply cared about his lunch.

He delicately lifted his lunch to his mouth, and just as he was about to take a bite - POP!

He yelped, dropping his lunch back onto the plastic wrapping before turning angrily. Henry.

"WHAT WAS THAT?!" He growled, earning only a smile from the youngest who shruggged his shoulders. "No. NO! You know! You did...did THAT!" The youngest shook his head.

"I swear to whatever god is out there, if you don't tell me-" He was cut off as Henry shoved a green plastic tube into his line of vision, almost causing him to go crosseyed.

"What is that...?" Heechul frowned, reaching for the thing only to have Henry hold it out of his reach. "You-!"

"It's an M&M's tube!" Henry exclaimed popping it back open in his hyung's face. The elder yelled, grasping for the thing. "You make me temporarily loose hearing in my ear over M&M's tube!?"

Henry placed the tube in his lap, and smiled. He kissed each of his palms, then placed both over Heechul's ears before moving his hands in a vibrating motion. "All better?"

Heechul tilted his head, brow furrowing in an attempt to mask the confusion he was feeling. "All better?" Henry repeated.

"I love you anyway." Henry smiled.

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