jpsdm (jpsdm) wrote,


title: 2AM.
pairing: none.
rating: PG.
summary: a normal girl has a wonderful encounter in the early morning..
warning: an "OC" of sorts. written for a friend.

There was a screech of tires outside. The first thoughts that plagued her mind were along the lines of "What possibly could be happening at two am?" She sleepily pulled her boots on, grabbing a flashlight off of the table as she peeked out the front door. Considering where she resided in the world, she had a right to be quite cautious.

A large bus took shape as a light broke out from the open door. A flurry of words she didn't understand echoed on the lone road as a thin man exited. He was practically yelling as she shined her flashlight on him, simply angering him more. He began to approach her before a younger looking man jumped off the bus, yelling frantically at him. He stopped his tirade, the threatening look still in his eyes as he waved his hand, signaling for her to put the flashlight down.

The younger one pushed his hair back and placed his cap backwards on his head. He approached her, hands up showing that he was unarmed. "Hey, our tour bus...err, broke. Do you know of any place around here that can help?"

She smiled as she held the door open for the men. Two am, she decided, was a lovely time to be alive.

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