jpsdm (jpsdm) wrote,

He'll be back.

title: he'll be back.
pairing: sungmin-centric. unspecified.
rating: PG13.
summary: the pain in his chest is worth it.
warning: abuse. cursing.

He wasn't sure how long he had been in the daze. Eyes glazed over, laying on his stomach on the hard concrete. The feeling that his chest might cave in any second, but it keep him hanging on. His arms outstretched, and he had almost forgot what he was laying there for. An answer? An explanation? A "Sungmin, get off the fucking ground"? He wasn't quite sure so he pushed his hair out of his eyes and became three times as cold as the floor.

It hurt, of course. Physical pain a tad more than the emotional pain that came with the sole of the taller man's shoes stepping onto the fragile bones in his fingers. He could hear them groan in protest as he put more weight on the sole of his shoe, but he refused to move from his spot. He could feel the cold metal of his ring cutting through the pale skin, layer by layer as the pressure increased.

"This is fucking stupid. Get off the fucking ground." He felt a hand wrap itself in the thin material of his shirt. He grasped for the ground as the man lifted him up. "Fucking stand up!"

He felt defeated as he was manuevered into a standing position, the man keeping his firm grip on his upper arms, squeezing tightly enough to where he could feel his fingers slowly melt into brown and blue marks on his skin. He would remember this for days, he mused as his eyes glazed. "You're not going to fucking listen to me, are you?" He focused in on the white expanse of the man's neck, tendons and muscle ached under the taut skin.

He didn't feel the first hit, but he felt the second when his hands scraped the ground. He didn't even have time to touch the expanse of his jaw that was slowly turning a deep yellow before he was pulled back to his feet. He once again zoned in on the expanse of skin, eyes roaming slowly up to trace the jawline of the man before he feel back to the ground with the force of the hit.

"You wanted to be there, right? Fine." He could feel each piece of his chest cave with each sound of the man's footsteps slowly descending the hallway. He simply laid the yellowed patch of skin onto the cold ground and waited. He would be back.

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