jpsdm (jpsdm) wrote,

Escape Space Maintained (13/?)

title: escape space maintained (13/?)
pairing: kyusung. maybe others.
rating: PG13.
summary: keep your eyes on the road.
warning: none.

He could feel his mind begin to numb as the hand in his slowly released its tight grip. His eyes closed, mouth fell open, and more panicked commands filled the tense air. He was stopped by the double doors and the bright red sign indicating how far he had followed the lost one.

It was a terribly eerie feeling standing outside. His mind weakly protested, but his body seemed to be pulled into the room. The coolness was calming on his skin, filled his senses with a comfort that none had provided.. Needless to say, he fled the scene quickly.

He pushed his way through the uniformed men and past each member; He vaguely remembers tearing his arm from Ryeowook's grip and his mind from his startled cries.

He wasn't sure how far he ran, but when his body finally collapsed, protesting in agony, legs aching, lungs burning, he found himself on the bad side of town. The bench was covered in vulgar graffiti, and he just wanted to find a home.

A home outside the all too familiar noise of Yesung's respirator, outside Kyuhyun's heart wrenching cries when he finally broke. Outside of Sungmin's tired forced smiles, and Leeteuk's stressed parenting and repetition of "It's going to be alright. It's going to be alright."

And far, far away from Kim Ryeowook. Far away from his thin wrists and strong grips, his teary eyes and unstable emotions. Outside of his oversized shirts and his yells for comfort. Outside of the pressure that was his head resting on his shoulder, and the soft sighs indicating the smaller one asleep. Outside of all that reminded him that he was human and he too had emotions.

He found himself chewing his lip as his tears spilled into his coffee. He found his knuckles turning white due to his grip on the porcelain cup. He found himself tipping the waitress a little too much simply because she bid him a good day in all of the chaos.

He found himself at nightfall walking back into the hospital. Shoes squeaking on the floors, preferring the stairs, and head downcast as he approached the members.

He found himself all too quickly embraced by thin wrists, and the smell of cologne. Embraced by soft cries, and small fists hitting softly on his chest. He vaguely remembers Leeteuk scolding him for running off in an area he's not familiar with, and Sungmin letting go of the breath he seemed to be holding since he ran away.

It came too quickly to hear twice the sounds at twice the volume. Comforting Ryeowook in yet another six hour standoff. Mind alert, and no hope for any comfort himself. He finally realized that this was too a home. A home far away from the chill of Canada, and the smell of his mother's cooking. It was enough to calm the rapid pounding of the sorrow in his head.

And when the clock struck, chimes echoing down the hallway, the sound of someone ascending down their hallway came rushing through the ears of each of the boys. And once again, Kyuhyun began to complain about the man who wasn't quite there, Ryeowook cried more, and Sungmin's smiles seemed to tear, slowly fraying until he too would one day break.

He found himself alone as the doctor spoke, words heavy, solemn as the last chime rang.

a/n: I absolutely hate the feeling of being in a waiting room. You're either pacing, comforting, or completely alone.

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